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Graceful Expressions: Signing with Style
Sign Language Classes and Workshops by Darlene Underwood

Course Description
At Graceful Expressions we believe learning should be FUN!
We all have different learning STYLES. That is why all Classes and Workshops are creatively planned to include various teaching methods, including video clips, signing to music, flash cards, and hand-outs.

Participants will learn about the advantages of Signing with preverbal infants, gain an appreciation for American Sign Language while catching a glimpse into the Deaf Culture, and learn a generous amount of Signed Words while in an environment that promotes relaxed learning. In a nutshell, we are going to have a lot of fun and you are going to go home knowing quite a few words in Sign Language!

Classes/Workshops can also be customized for your Group/Organization when requests are made in advance.

Free Presentations are specifically geared to increase awareness and interest in Signing. They are generally 45 minutes in length and may or may not include children, depending on the desires of the group. Participants will experience a Mini-Class/Workshop and learn several words in Sign Language.

Many childcare teachers are already experiencing the advantages of signing with their preschool students. It is very easy to incorporate ASL into your existing curriculum. This interactive workshop is designed to provide educators with the tools they need to easily incorporate ASL into their classroom. You will learn how to introduce signing without having to "teach" the signs to the kids, you will be provided with several lesson plans, and we will even discuss how you can involve the parents of your students. We are also registering to provide CEU’s in the very near future! We can offer a flat fee that fits your budget or have an "Adopt A Teacher" Workshop. This workshop includes the parents of your students. For every paying parent that attends, one teacher can attend for free!

Presenter Profile
After previously teaching preschool, third and fourth grade, I currently have the opportunity to stay home with my now 9 year old daughter, Gracie, and my now 8 year old son, Joshua. We have had a lot of fun learning this language together, especially since my babies were able to begin communicating with me before they could talk! We enjoy "talking" to each other by using the words we have learned in Sign Language. When we were outside the kids would point out "birds" and "airplaines". At the grocery store we would "talk" about "orange vegetables" and "red apples." Naturally they were just as interested in the "cookies." Ha-ha!

Upcoming Classes
Meets bimonthly.
This playgroup is designed to meet the unique needs and interests of children 18-36 months old. However, siblings may also attend. This Playgroup will be centered around a certain theme and focus on specific age-appropriate milestones. For $ 7.50, this hour of fun includes Directed Free Play, Snacks, Crafts, Songs, Books, American Sign Language, and Group Activities relevant to the theme!

Three hour workshops are scheduled regularly. They are specifically designed to help you "get started" signing with your children. The cost for this Workshop is $ 45. A limited number of discounts are available. All handouts are included in this price, and a hardy snack will be provided. Due to the length, Workshops are designed for Adults only. Over 30 words in American Sign Language will be introduced through songs, flash cards, handouts, and creative games and discussions. We are now accepting pre-registration for our October 2012 Workshop. Please contact us for a registration form.

This hour long class is held for six consecutive weeks. The next class will begin in early October 2012. The price is $ 7.50 per hour, which comes to a total f $ 45. A limited number of discounts are available. Date & time to be determined. All handouts are included in the class fee, which is due by the first class. Classes include various styles of teaching in order to engage both parent and child while they are learning a generous amount of words in American Sign Language. A second parent or care-giver can attend the class for only $ 10 (2nd person must be taking the class in order to better communicate with the child who is registered for the class). We are now taking pre-registration for the October 2012 Class. Please contact us for a registration form.

Most Classes, Workshops, and Playgroups are currently held at my home in Buzzards Bay, MA. You may also schedule private sessions or workshops in your own home. Discounts available! To register, simply call Darlene Underwood at (251) 776-0708 or send an email to
We look forward to signing with you!

Cost (A Limited Number 0f Discounts Are Available)
Graceful Expressions offers Classes and Workshops. Classes are for both Adults and Children, while Workshops are for Adults only. Most Classes and Workshops are $ 7.50 per hour, and usually run for 6 weeks (meaning the average cost is $ 45). Discounts Available. Since babies are present, Classes tend to be one day per week for 6 weeks (each class being one hour in length). Workshops can be scheduled with the same format or be divided into two 3-hour classes (or three 2-hour classes). Classes are creatively planned to entertain babies and help them learn words in sign language while their parents are learning information themselves. After you have completed Level I, you have the opportunity to attend Level II Classes and Workshops at the same price. We also customize Classes and Workshops to fit the needs of your group or organization, so please do not hesitate to make a request.

Graceful Expressions also offers Free Presentations for groups and organizations who are interested in learning more about the benefits of signing with pre-verbal infants or other children/adults who are unable to communicate verbally. We do ask for a minimum of 5 adults to be present.

We also offer Playgroups in which we give a small presentation, then continue our learning through singing and playtime fun! The price for each adult at your playgroup will be $ 5. There is no extra fee if a parent has more than one child. We only ask that there be at least 5 paying adults present.

I am currently looking for a place to hold Workshops in the Cape Cod, MA area. You may also host workshops in your home. If you have 3-5 paying parents in attendance, you will receive your workshop free of charge!

Registration and More Information
To register, you will just need to provide your name & contact information. We will schedule your Class, Playgroup or Workshop date, and discuss payment method, directions to the class, and I will answer any other logistical questions you may have concerning the Class. Class fee is due by the first Class. I look forward to Signing with you!

Darlene Underwood

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NOTE: All of the individuals and/or organizations listed herein operate independently of and are not directly affiliated with Sign2Me®/Northlight Communications. The above information is provided solely as a service to parents and caregivers seeking signing resources in their community. None of these programs have been reviewed, approved, or endorsed in any way by Sign2Me® and we take no responsibility for the quality, format, or content provided.

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