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ABC Phonics: Sign, Sign, and Read! By Nellie Edge and illustrated by Gaelan Kelly
Pick Me Up! Music and ASL Activity Guidebook, More than 200 ASL Signs!
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"Put the power of language into your child’s hands!"

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Before they are able to develop the fine motor skills necessary for speech, babies are able to understand much of what is said to them and they are able to respond clearly if given the right tool: baby sign language.

SignShine success-based American Sign Language (ASL) classes can help you open a window to your pre-verbal child’s thoughts. Sign language can strengthen family communications and improve relationships between siblings. Plus, it is fun, rewarding, and easy!

Every parent has wonders: "what is my baby trying to say?" Two years is an awfully long time to wait for the answer!

SignShine Founder
SignShine founder, Etel Leit, is a caring mother and passionate language specialist who used sign language to communicate with her bilingual pre-verbal daughter (more than 60 words by the age of 15 months!). Etel, who is fluent in three languages, holds a BA in literature and grammar and earned her MS in Administration & Leadership from Pepperdine University. She is a certified Sign2Me presenter.

Etel has nearly 17 years of experience teaching languages to all age levels, from infants to graduate students and adults. She shares her excitement and enthusiasm for language with her students, helping them to learn more quickly and more enjoyably!

"Discovering and sharing the excitement of language is magical. To see the light in the eyes of a baby and her parents when they are suddenly communicating is truly a wonder." ---Etel Leit

Our Programs
SignShine offers fun, interactive and inspirational workshops and classes for parents, caregivers and children. Using the Sign With Your Baby system, our classes will teach you how to use American Sign Language with your baby (no made up signs here!). We have a strong focus on language development and provide you with activities that help you teach your baby ASL vocabulary. Our classes incorporate a variety of vocabulary learning activities, including songs, stories, cards, and games. Parents and children will benefit from each class and can begin using their new skills right away.

In our warm, friendly classes you will learn more than 100 practical sign language words, which can be used in a daily routine with your child. You will meet other parents and babies in your child's age group and find the process of learning pleasurable and easy:
SignShine I - Intro to Signing
SignShine II - Advanced Signing
Weekend Parents' Workshop
Shining Stars I
Signing with Cildren with Special Needs- Privates

Educators’ Workshop for Preschool
Signing with Special Needs

Signing Story Time
See and Sign Adventure at the Zoo

Private SignShine Time
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