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Signing Fingers, LLC
Classes and Workshops for Babies, Children & Adults

Course Description
Signing Fingers is a one-of-a-kind enrichment program. We have many differnt programs and options available to choose from. Join us for our great mommy and me classes: you and your child can enjoy the excitement and benefits of two-way communication long before your baby can talk. Enjoy themes classes of musical fun, songs, stories and activities whil learning American Sign Language. We also have unique day care and school-based programs for children of all ages. In addition, we offer adult classes for parents, therapists and teacher. Finally, we have a Special Signers Division for children with special needs. Weekly classes, workshops, private tutoring and interpretting services are all available!

Presenter Profile
I am a certified Speech Language Pathologist with a B.S. in Psychology from Union College and an M.S. in Speech Language Pathology from Teachers College, Columbia University. I spent the last 7 out of 10 years working with children. I have a solid understanding of typical language development in babies and children and am very skilled at finding ways to elicit communication. While I did use sign language to supplement my practice, it was not until October 2000 when my older son was born, that I really understood the power of sign language. My son was born with a profound hearing loss and had little benefit from hearing aids. We used sign language to help him communicate. He signed his first word at 6 months "dog". He quickly added "mommy", "daddy" and "more" to his vocabulary and by 1 year, he was combining two word phrases. His vocabulary far surpassed any of his hearing peers’ at the same age. Now he is four years old and still uses sign language to communicate his needs and wants even though he hears using a cochlear implant. He never experienced the type of frustration that many children face in light of communication difficulties because he always had a means of communicating... he used his hands to speak. Our second child was born with normal hearing. We began signing with him from birth and at 7 months, he signed "more" and "daddy" for the first time. For the next 3 months, he "watched" and at 10 months of age, his language exploded. His earliest signs included "milk", "dog", "eat" and "come and play". By one year of age, he signed over 50 words and at 15 months he has nearly a 100-word vocabulary. His communication abilities far exceed his non-signing peers’. His ability to demonstrate comprehension and tell us things he wants has helped shape his even-tempered and happy disposition. Sign language has enabled me to communicate with both of my children, have them communicate with each other and in the process is helping us raise two bright and beautiful boys.
By combining my strong developmental background though my experience as a Speech Language Pathologist with my teaching and signing experience, in addition to my passion and drive to integrate sign language into children’s daily lives, I have been able to create one-of-a-kind curriculum for babies, children and adults of all ages and all abilities.

Location, Time, and Duration
We offer many different classes and workshops throughout New Jersey. Please check out our website for a full list of locations:

Check back often as we frequently update out website’s schedule.

Please refer to for more pricing information regarding our mommy and me classes.
We are also happy to offer many different pricing options for our school programs. Please feel free to contact me for more information (, 973-699-3054).
Special discounts apply. Inquire.

Registration and More Information
To find out more about our great company, history, classes, upcoming specials or new programs, log onto www.signingfingers. To register, please visit and go to the registration page. Print and mail. Or, contact Barbara at or 973-699-3054 for more information.

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