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Signing Fingers

Course Description
Signing Fingers is a one-of-a-kind enrichment program. We have many differnt programs and options available to choose from. Join us for our great mommy and me classes: you and your child can enjoy the excitement and benefits of two-way communication long before your baby can talk. Enjoy themes classes of musical fun, songs, stories and activities whil learning American Sign Language. We also have unique day care and school-based programs for children of all ages. In addition, we offer adult classes for parents, therapists and teacher. Finally, we have a Special Signers Division for children with special needs. Weekly classes, workshops, private tutoring and interpretting services are all available!

Presenter Profile
I have a B.S. Degree in Teaching and am in my final stages of completing the Interpreter of the Deaf certification. Five years ago, I decided to enter the Interpreter of the Deaf program because my son, now 9 years old, who was born with a rare syndrome which includes deafness along with multiple medical issues as well as having misshapen hands, knew more sign language than me. I felt that if our family was going to be able to openly communicate with him, our signing skills needed to be great. We began signing with him as soon as he was born. Against all odds, at the age of 6 months, he signed back, asking for "more". By 12 months of age he was signing in two word combinations with a vocabulary of over 30 words. At age 9, my son has remarkable reading skills (he has been reading since he was 3 years old). When his younger sister was born, we continued with her what we started... signing was an integrated part of our lives. Even our oldest daughter quickly picked up on the new language. Our youngest daughter began signing when she was 7 months old and hasn’t stopped. The success of signing babies was seen firsthand when she began to "speak" in three word sentences at 12 months of age! Now she is 7 years old and has always read above grade level.

My daily use of ASL combined with a strong teaching background has given me the capability to share the powerful use of sign language with children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Location, Time, and Duration
We offer many different classes and workshops throughout New Jersey. Please check out our website for a full list of locations:

Please refer to for more pricing information regarding our mommy and me classes.
We are also happy to offer many different pricing options for our school programs. Please feel free to contact me for more information (, 973-699-3054).
Special discounts apply. Inquire.

Registration and More Information
To find out more about our great company, history, classes, upcoming specials or new programs, log onto www.signingfingers. To register, please visit and go to the registration page. Print and mail. Or, contact Debbie at or 973-699-3054 for more information.

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