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Toddler/child sign classes, workshops, and play dates!

Sign with your toddler/child!
Learn effective communication with your toddler/child! Early signing will decrease frustration and build confidence in your toddler while advancing the brain function required for future verbal skills. Signing together is fun and an activity you can do together. It is very easy and does not require any of pre-learning or prep time. It is fun for babysitters and caregivers to learn. Signing is ideal for children with developmental disabilities and can really open new avenues of learning and communication!

It really works!!!!
My first experience with signing came about as I taught a young boy with Autism and Cerebral Palsy to sign. I develped a program with his caregivers and school and saw amazing results in his ability to communicate and control his life! I then started signing with my toddler when she was 8 months old and what a blessing it was! She was able to communicate her needs and wants and everyday thoughts months before she was able to say a word! She is now 4 years old and knows 400+ signs! It is becoming a second language for us all! It made life so much easier for us, I knew I had to teach this to others!

Classes available now in Paradise and Chico, CA
Each session consists of two classes, three weeks apart. The first class is the training session for adults only. You then work with your child for the next few weeks and then return for a follow up class, children welcome!. I am available for private instruction as well! Days and times are flexible based on student needs.

per session (allows two adults per family for fee price) Group rates available!
A session consists of two classes. Parents/caregivers only attend the first class. Children may also attend the second class. We allow two adults per child to attend for the price of one to encourage the signing team work in each child’s environment. No other teacher I know of offers this benefit! The class will go over the research which supports the benefits of signing with children, instructions on how to successfully teach signing, reasonable expectations, and how to motivate children to learn. You will receive a laminated sign card with 54 signs which you will learn in class. Yes! It is so easy to learn you can do 54 the first class! You will learn signs to a childrens song and be given a DVD of the song. A video will be shown about signing, as well as a few clips of signing in popular videos such as Barney and Sesame Street.

Registration and More Information
I am currently teachng only in Paradise and I am available for private instruction or class instruction. You may call me directly for questions or for private instruction at
530-872-2390. My web address is
Please put "sign language" in the subject window! Hope to hear from you soon!

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