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Let me teach you to have Heart-Changing Hands!

Learning begins how?

I teach you and your child(ren) basic signs for early communication. I prefer to use the Complete Learning Kit with my clients but I have other resources and materials we can use too.

I offer three ways to learn - Parents & Infant Classes, Parents & Toddler Classes, or One-on-One in your home. The classes ideally have 4 to 5 parent teams with child(ren). One-on-one is tailored to your schedule but will cost a little more. We will talk and find the best situation for you!

If you agree to host the classes in your home you get the classes FREE!!!

A little about me...
I am a mother of five who has been signing since I was in grade school. I also have three grandsons, two of whom lived with me and I taught them how to sign before they could speak. When the middle child started talking at 15 months he was putting together sentences three to 5 words long and at his two-year-well check he carried on conversations that amazed his doctor! My knowledge with early childhood signing is FIRSTHAND KNOWLEDGE! I have been where you are now and my husband, Cameron, will testify how easy it is for infants and toddlers to tell you what’s on their mind LONG before they can speak! It’s so easy for your little ones to learn! Parents, you will pick it up almost as quickly as your children!

I also love to sing, read, crochet, knit and do beadwork. My fingers have been doing more than signing and playing the piano for over 30 years!

Where? When? Who?
I hope to set some classes up VERY SOON, but if you want to work one-on-one, e-mail or call me and we’ll get together! If you and your child want to get together with a friend and their child please call we’ll set up a playdate!

How much is it?
My cost is 5 per couple/caregiver per session. A session is 12 weeks. I teach parents and caregivers, YOU teach your child! I welcome children with open arms and an open heart! Their attendance is free - and recommended!

Need More Information?
Call me at 406-899-3214 and leave a message if necessary. You can also e-mail me at and I will try to get back to you within two days. If you want to put a callback time that is best for you, please do and I will try to call then.

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