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Signing Expressions

Studies show children can sign words sooner than they can articulate them verbally.

Signing Expressions teaches hearing parents/caregivers how to incorporate American Sign Language (ASL) signs into their daily lives with their children (infants, toddlers and up). Usually six months of age is a good time to start. Everyone is welcome in my class, including but not limited to, expecting parents, parents with special needs children, parents of adopted children from other countries and all other caregivers. Classes are based on Dr. Joseph Garcia's award-winning book SIGN with your BABY.

Participants will:

*Learn how to easily incorporate
American Sign Language (ASL) into
everyday life

*Incorporate seeing, hearing and body movement into communication which is an effective way to learn.

*Increase communication and empower your child

*Decrease frustration

*Have fun bonding with your child

6 week classes (1hour a week), 2-4 hour workshops, and 30 minute introductory presentations are available at venues in the Woodland area or in your home. Classes can be tailored to meet your special needs.


SIGN & PLAY: Level One .00/couple*
Classes are one hour a week for six weeks and are geared for parents and their child. Participants will learn how to incorporate basic ASL signs into their daily life through books, songs and activities. Weekly themes include: first signs, snack & mealtime, bath & body, dirty business, clothes & dressing and bedtime. Class includes level one handbook and My Signs Book.

SIGN & PLAY: Level Two .00/couple*
Classes are one hour a week for six weeks and are geared for parents and their child. Participants will learn how to incorporate basic ASL signs into their daily life through books, songs and activities. Weekly themes include: favorite animals, family, colors, emotions, play time, nature & weather. Class includes level two handbook and we will continue to work on My Signs Book.

WORKSHOPS: /person/hour
This is a 2-4 hour parent/caregiver focused workshop. The goal of this class is to diminish the frustration that parents may experience while trying to figure out exactly what their little one is trying to tell them. A two hour workshop explains the benefits of signing and includes instruction and practice of signs during the course of various activities. Class includes handouts.

A perfect activity for playgroups, showers, parents�¢?? night out, and other parent groups! If you gather at least 3 friends, I may be able to hold the class or workshop in the comfort of your home. If you gather at least 5 friends in your home for the class or workshop the host family will receive 50% off the normal class fee.

2-4 hour workshops are available for your family, in your home, and tailored to fit your family�¢??s specific needs.

Fee based on length of program and number of people in attendance.
Private trainings are available at your childcare, or parent education facility.

This presentation is a 30 minute introduction to the benefits of signing with your baby and the secret to how and when to start teaching your baby. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn a few signs.

*Please note that the price is per couple. A couple can be any two regular caregivers of the same child, such as parent, nanny, grandparent, etc. Two friends or sisters who each have their own babies are not considered a couple. Up to two additional caregivers may attend with parents and child for a discounted rate.

Presenter Profile
A'lyce has a son who is hard of hearing and wears hearing aids. Her other two children, another son and a daughter are hearing. She first began learning American Sign Language (ASL) in 2003 when her son attended a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Preschool. She learned ASL by sitting in his classroom, helping when needed and signing with the children. Since then she has attended ASL classes to improve her signing skills. All three of her children are learning American Sign Lanuage.

A'lyce Balmain received her bachelors in Liberal Studies in 1992 at California State University, Sacramento and in 1993 a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. She received a Clear Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development Certificate in 1994. Along with being an approved member of the Sign2MeÃ??Ã?® Presenter’s Network, she substitutes and volunteers at her local elementary schools. She loves to teach and wants to share the benefits of signing with families and caregivers.

Classes are held at Sweet Potato Pie in

E-mail for class information, registration and questions.

NOTE: All of the individuals and/or organizations listed herein operate independently of and are not directly affiliated with Sign2Me®/Northlight Communications. The above information is provided solely as a service to parents and caregivers seeking signing resources in their community. None of these programs have been reviewed, approved, or endorsed in any way by Sign2Me® and we take no responsibility for the quality, format, or content provided.

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