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Signing Playtime and Sign and Stride
American Sign Language (ASL) Classes & Workshops for Babies, Toddlers, Parents, Caregivers.

Welcome to Signing Playtime...where signing babies are happy babies!
Want to know what your baby is thinking? Teach your child American Sign Language (ASL) -- you’ll have an enriching experience that expands and stimulates cognitive growth, enhances communication, eliminates frustration, and is so much fun to learn!

Why Sign?
ASL will empower you and your child in so many ways:
  • Signing is a tool that your preverbal baby or toddler can learn and use with you to communicate needs, wants, thoughts, and more.
  • Signing reduces "guesswork" frustration you may experience when your preverbal baby or child is trying to communicate.
  • Learning ASL will not delay verbal language development since you teach the spoken word alongside the ASL word. And, as research shows, your signing child may actually speak sooner and more proficiently than a child who doesn’t sign.
  • ASL offers educational advantages: Research shows that adding a kinesthetic (movement) element to verbal and written language learning will positively impact early literacy skills.
  • More than 1 in 1000 babies are born deaf. American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most common language used in the United States. Learning ASL will allow your child to communicate with more people. Let’s bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf population!
  • Considering the growth of ASL programs from preschool through college, it is nice to know our children will already be comfortable with signing and can build on the foundation established during infancy.
  • Using ASL reinforces the development of both fine and gross motor skills critical to language and cognition.
  • ASL is the perfect tool for you, your spouse, family members and caregivers to learn and use in the house while the baby is trying to sleep.
  • There is no beginning or end time to start teaching your child ASL. Deaf parents and parents of deaf children start signing as early as birth. Why should you wait to experience the benefits of ASL?
  • ASL is a fun language to learn!

Signing Playtime classes and playdates offer a fun and interactive approach in teaching your baby or toddler American Sign Language (ASL).

Spring 2007 Classes:
Saturday mornings 9:30am-10:15am
El Dorado West Facility
Long Beach Parks & Rec
(on Studebaker between Spring and Willow)

Class taught by L. Guerrini, certified Sign2Me Presenter and Stroller Stride Mom

Also offering:
On Site Workshops for Daycare Centers/Preschools
In-Home Consultation/Classes/Training for Families
American Sign Language Vocabulary Series for Adults
American Sign Language Vocabulary Series for Children

Sign2Me Presenter
L. Guerrini was always fascinated by American Sign Language during her undergraduate and graduate work as language majors and minors, and in her doctoral work in the area of Second Language Acquisition. The birth of her son gave her even more incentive to learn and use ASL for many reasons: in the early months, signing was a great tool to use with her husband while the baby was sleeping; signing was an additional source of soothing during medical visits (baby loved watching his name finger-spelled); signing provided a type of play that produced the greatest outbursts of baby laughter; and gradually, for the little one, signing is becoming an important form of communication. Among L. Guerrini’s many goals is the attempt to spread the news about ASL for babies and toddlers -- and to bridge the gap between the hearing and Deaf/hard of hearing populations. And, if your baby has developmental issues or communicative disorders like Apraxia, your little one will gain so much from learning this valuable language.

Registration, Schedule and More Information
Visit Long Beach Parks and Recreation for class schedule,

listed under Preschools, and El Dorado West facility

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