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S.O.S. Signs Optimize Speech
~ Sign Language Courses for Hearing Parents, Toddlers & Baby ~ S.O.S. helps hearing families learn baby sign language & to use it as a communication tool! ~ Baby sign language classes offered in Oakland & Eastern Livingston Counties in Michigan ~

’Hand’ Your Young Hearing Child Tools For Communication. Discover the gift of ASL from the Deaf Culture. See for yourselves how this beautiful language can work as an effective way for your hearing family to communicate!
Have you ever thought......"I would give anything if she could tell me what is bothering her." ?

Look no further! Your distress signals have summoned a rescue ship, the S.O.S. I created S.O.S. Signs-Optimize-Speech classes based upon the highly acclaimed research by Dr. Joseph Garcia’s, Sign With Your Baby Program®.

Dr. Garcia’s program was created to teach hearing children, of hearing parents, American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate , before they have the ability to verbally express their wants, needs, and feelings.

My own child was proof of that fact for me! My personal experiences with teaching my infant daughter simple ASL signs, fueled the fire for my desire to teach this amazing language to other parents. You too, will be astounded!

I want to give you the tools and the wisdom, that I discovered, through using ASL with my own pre verbal child. I want to help you to communicate, understand, and completely enjoy your own parenting experience.

Learning and utilizing basic American Sign Language with your infant/toddler can not only improve communication success, but it can also optimize and progress speech and language development.

Signing to your baby is a beautiful way to build intimacy and to foster a loving bond between a parent and a child. The potential benefits of learning ASL and using it in your every day interactions with your child is in both of your hands.

My courses are ideal for parents/babies, caregivers, childcare providers, educators, or anyone who is eager to communicate with babies/toddlers efficiently, effectively and free from frustration.

Avoid that sinking feeling from failed communication attempts with your child.

Presenter Profile
I have lived and worked throughout the United States. I possess a Bachelor and a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders and I’m a Certified Level 1, Sign2Me® Presenter.
I hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

My teaching credentials include teaching certificates in Elementary & Secondary Education /Speech & Language Impaired .

The use of ASL has been a valuable tool in my treatment plans with toddlers and children with speech and language delays and disorders. ASL has helped children to communicate when words were not yet developed or were too limited for caregivers to understand the child.

Numerous research studies indicate that babies that learn American Sign Language signs, have tendencies towards more advanced verbal language skills, improved comprehension of language, decreased frustration, and more intimate relationships with caregivers.

Take a course and teach your baby this amazing manual language. Give your child the potential to optimize his speech and language development and express himself with ease.

Let me share my years of professional experience as a seasoned therapist/ teacher. I can provide you with clear examples of how easy it is to incorporate the use of authentic ASL signs in your everyday communication exchanges with your baby.

*** "Give Me A Hand" *** 1 Day Introductory Workshop ***
This workshop is especially designed for parents, caregivers, nannies or grandparents who want to begin the journey and get ’hands on’ experience learning basic ASL signs to use as a complete language tool. At the end of the day,you will be equipped to take the principles learned in this course, and to use them at home, with your infant or toddler.

Can’t make my next workshop? Contact me about a private workshops held at your home or a location that you have secured for group attendance.

Course objectives: Tips and techniques to create a successful signing environment in your own home. Discussion about which signs to begin teaching your child and suggestions for simple and engaging signing activites to incorporate into your daily routines. Practice and learn approximately 40 early signs with the instructor during the workshop. Discussion of normal speech and language development. Suggestions on how to create a language rich environment which will incorporate using speech and signing simultaneously in order to promote early communication skills.

This workshop is very appropriate for parents of a child with special needs.

Workshop Investment: single/ couple (2 parents, 1 parent/grandparent OR nanny) + Sign With Your Baby® Quick Reference Guide, by Dr. Garcia (Optional purchase).

Email me for a registration form. Pre-registration is required for workshops and classes.

Contact me and schedule a free presentation with S.O.S. Signs-Optimize-Speech to learn more about the importance of teaching your infant or toddler ASL (American Sign Language) basic signs to aid in overall ease of communication.

Registration and More Information
Please feel free to phone or email me to learn about new courses offerings. Email: Phone: 248-420-3765

I am available to conduct private workshops or classes in your home. This option is especially useful for meeting the scheduling needs of both parents or if there are several young children that need the attention of Mom/Dad which makes attending an outside class more difficult.

NOTE: All of the individuals and/or organizations listed herein operate independently of and are not directly affiliated with Sign2Me®/Northlight Communications. The above information is provided solely as a service to parents and caregivers seeking signing resources in their community. None of these programs have been reviewed, approved, or endorsed in any way by Sign2Me® and we take no responsibility for the quality, format, or content provided.

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