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ABC Phonics: Sign, Sign, and Read! By Nellie Edge and illustrated by Gaelan Kelly
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Early Voices
Based on the award-winning SIGN with your BABY program, developed by Dr. Joseph Garcia.

About Early Voices
Using American Sign Language (ASL) with your baby helps to take some of the guesswork out of parenting by providing a window into the mind and personality of your child. The ability to communicate early helps children feel empowered and gives them some control over their environment. Early Voices will teach you how to easy it is to include ASL signs in your daily activities and interactions with your child so that you can spend less time trying to figure out what your child wants and more time meeting your child’s specific needs!

Presenter Profile
Holly Bowman received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Florida State University and a Master of Science degree from Central Washington University where she studied experimental psychology and animal behavior. During her time as a graduate student, she was chosen to work with Dr. Roger Fouts at the world renowned Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute (CHCI) teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to chimpanzees. CHCI is home to Washoe, the first nonhuman to learn American Sign Language (ASL) and four other signing chimpanzees. Ms. Bowman’s experiences living and conversing with this unique family of “talking” chimpanzees provides a unique perspective to students in her Sign2Me® classes.

Location, Time, and Duration
Classes are held on Monday evenings at 7:00 PM at the Hollywood Birth Center (2316 Hollywood Blvd). Classes last an hour or more and children are warmly welcome at all events.

Classes and Workshops aren’t just for parents, but are recommended for anyone who has regular contact with a preverbal infant. Expectant parents, new parents, grandparents, siblings and any other caregivers should not miss out on this special opportunity to strengthen the bond with their baby while reducing frustration for all. Six-week sessions cost 5 per adult and includes a Signing Journal and a My Signs Book.

Registration and More Information
To register for an upcoming classes please contact:

Holly Boman
Phone: (954) 701-0463

NOTE: All of the individuals and/or organizations listed herein operate independently of and are not directly affiliated with Sign2Me®/Northlight Communications. The above information is provided solely as a service to parents and caregivers seeking signing resources in their community. None of these programs have been reviewed, approved, or endorsed in any way by Sign2Me® and we take no responsibility for the quality, format, or content provided.

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