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Li'l Hands
With Michaela

Why Sign?
What a wonderful opportunity to establish a deeper relationship with your infant. Where other parents simply guess
why their child is crying, your child will be able to tell you what's going on. Don't force your children to be trapped in a
world where no one understands them. Join the growing number of parents who utilize Li'l Hands as a method to not only
learn more about their babies, but also give a head start in language acquisition. I look forward to hearing from you
and am excited to get you and your li'l one bonding like never before!

A Li'l About Myself
I have always been captivated by sign language since a childhood encounter with a deaf person. Frequent trips to my
small-town Kansas library checking and rechecking out sign language books gave me a sign-language foundation
and an obsession to learn more. College allowed me to fully pursue my dream of fluency. I graduated in 1998 from an
Interpreter Training Program. I spent the next four years in educational settings providing interpreting for deaf students
and aiding the other students and staff in learning American Sign Language.

Feeling the desire for more opportunities, I moved to California. There, I was blessed to work as a nanny with an infant
for over a year. It wasn't until this everyday one-on-one interaction that I fully realized the potential of a baby's
comprehension. I picked up where his parents left off at nine months with signing and with their continued support,
began to teach him more words. A couple of months later he was interacting with even greater expression.

This peek into the thoughts of an 11-month-old inspired me to give other parents this advantage. Li'l Hands was created
to do exactly that: provide the opportunity for parents to relate with their baby like never before. I have instructed at
universities, in private homes, daycare, and in group settings. I offer baby sign language classes to give parents the tools
they need to teach their li'l ones signs, while increasing their signing skills, and having FUN!

I hold my National Certification in Sign Language interpreting. With the help of Sign2ME I am constantly refining my
curriculum and techniques through continued research, education, and experience.

When & Where
Please call to set up your family’s one-on-one session.

Class Prices
In-Home series: $ 180 per family
You and your immediate family embark on this astounding journey together. Each session includes three 60-minute
classes to be held over a 1 1/2 month period, allowing ample time for implementation and feedback. Parents and family
members will leave this 3-class series with the tools and confidence they need to teach their baby American
Sign Language. One-on-one lessons scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

In-Home Single Class:$ 70 per family
Introductory class to get you and your li'l one going.

Parent & Me Groups:$ 85 per parent and child
This in-home class series hosted by a willing parent, allows you to learn with your peers in a supportive environment.
Take the information you learn and share with your family. A minimum of 4 parent/ child couples per class.

Daycares: Call for Pricing
Training for daycare providers.

* All prices are subject to change

About the Series
Li'l Hands was created to give babies the communication skills they need to express themselves. Classes offer step-
by-step instructions on how, why, and when to use sign with your child. Each session includes three 90-minute classes
to be held over a 1 1/2 month period, allowing ample time for implementation and feedback. Parents and family members
will leave this 3-class series with the tools and confidence they need to teach their baby American Sign Language.
Everyday exposure to signs allows a child to interact, cultivating a deeper awareness of language and advancement of
vocabulary. Although books can teach you the words, I can teach you the way.

NOTE: All of the individuals and/or organizations listed herein operate independently of and are not directly affiliated with Sign2Me®/Northlight Communications. The above information is provided solely as a service to parents and caregivers seeking signing resources in their community. None of these programs have been reviewed, approved, or endorsed in any way by Sign2Me® and we take no responsibility for the quality, format, or content provided.

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