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ABC Phonics: Sign, Sign, and Read! By Nellie Edge and illustrated by Gaelan Kelly
Pick Me Up! Music and ASL Activity Guidebook, More than 200 ASL Signs!
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Classes & Workshops by Portia Blanchard

1 - Baby Sign Language Classes, 2 - Signing Choir, 3 - Conversational Sign Language Classes, 4 - Crash Course in Baby Sign Language, 5 - Private Lessons
1 - Baby Sign Language Classes
Do you want to be able to communicate better with your babies, and toddlers? Do you want less crying and less tantrums? Come land earn the essential signs that you need to communicate with your babies, and toddlers - signs like thirsty, food, please and more. Studies show that infants and toddlers who learn American Sign Language do better on IQ and vocabulary tests later in life. This class is based on Joseph Garcia’s award-winning "Sign With Your Baby" program which has been used by more than 200,000 parents since 1999.

2 - Signing Choir - Signing to music has many advantages. (1) You will remember the signs forever. (2) Your signing speed increases dramatically. (3) You develop an amazing vocabulary (4) Its fun!

3 - Conversational Sign Language Classes - This is not a class where you are just learning vocabulary. From the beginnning, you will be learning to use the signs (taught in class) in normal, everyday conversation.

4 - Crash Course in Baby Sign Language - In this 1-day class, we jam pack as many signs as we can into 1 hour. This is will be a fast, fun, informative class that you wont want to miss.

5 - Private Lessons - We will evalute what you want and need to learn and tailor our lessons specifically to fit your needs.

Presenter Profile
Portia learned to sign before she learned to speak. At the age of 5, she joined her first signing choir and quickly progressed to the most advanced level. At age 8, she started teaching an award-winnning Signed Story-time at the Layton Library. It was so popular that it continued for three years (until she moved from the area.) She was teaching signing choirs and sign language classes at age 10. At age 12, she was accepted into the American Sign Language Interpreting Program at SLCC (the only college in the state that had an interpreting program at the time.) She started teaching sign language classes for the City of South Jordan at age 15, and started teaching classes for Salt Lake County at age 16. She would love to help you learn and master American Sign Language.

Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss payment options.

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Portia Blanchard

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