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ABC Phonics: Sign, Sign, and Read! By Nellie Edge and illustrated by Gaelan Kelly
Pick Me Up! Music and ASL Activity Guidebook, More than 200 ASL Signs!
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Come sign with Marguerite
Come have a signsational time learning ASL with our Classes and Workshops

Signing Smart Classes
The Singing Smart is broken up into three levels. This gives your family time to get familiar with the material before you move on if you need it.

Signing Smart Level 1
Week 1- First Signs
Week 2- Snack & Mealtime
Week 3- Family
Week 4- Bedtime

Signing Smart Level 2
Week 1- Bath & Body
Week 2- Dirt Business~ Dealing with Diapers
Week 3- Clothes & Dressing
Week 4- Colors

Signing Samart Level 3
Week 1- Nature & weather
Week 2- Playtime
Week 3- Emotions
Week 4- Favorite Animals

Play Groups:
This 1-hour session is simply for Fun and Review! Signs learned in Level I Classes are practiced in songs. New songs are also introduce to help us remember our signs and have fun doing it! Participants are encourage to bring their WHOLE family and friends to join us. Great for those wanting to see what we’re about! This is a great idea for a play group.

Private Sessions:

Signing Smart is available for private sessions in you home. This is an opportunity to create a class based on your families needs with the benifit of having one on one instruction from a qualifeid instructor.

Marguerite Ashbee, Certified Instructor/Presenter
Growing up with a deaf Aunt, ASL has been part of my life. I have worked with disabled adults within the deaf community for several years and now I am currently pursuing my associate’s degree in American Sign Language. When I began taking classes in ASL I knew I would one day sign with my own children. I didn’t realize I would have the amazing opportunity of connecting with my son before he was able to communicate by speaking words. Elisha now knows the signs for “Milk”, “More” and “Eat” I am eagerly awiting the expantion of his vocabulary. Even beyond the entertainment value of an infant signing we have a stronger bond than we would of if he had not been introduced to sign language.

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