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Presenter Profile
Suzanne DeCredico, B.S. Ed
I started learning sign language after watching the award winning Sign with your BabyTM video in 2001.
My first child, Sofia, was only a few months old.
I became so excited about signing that watching sign language videos while nursing became a regular part of our day.

The benefits of signing with very young children cannot be overstated.
Before Sofia could talk she would use signs to indicate when she wanted a particular food or
wanted to wear a particular outfit.
In addition, I was amazed at how often she just wanted chat about the world.
She used signs to indicate what she saw and to tell me about things that happened in the past.
I was amazed at the extent of her memory.
Learning the signs for colors was unbelieveably helpful as she would often use a color sign
in combination with another sign, a word or just pointing to indicate exactly what was talking about.

Interestingly, as Sofia learned to talk we learned even more signs.
We learned signs to go with over a dozen nursery rhymes and other kids songs.
This was a great help to my intellectual health
when she wanted to sing the same song over and over and over again!
We also add signs to many stories.

When Sofia was only 3 years old,
I was fascinated to see that signing was helping her learn to read!
Since so many signs are initialized,
she is learning the sounds that are associated with each letter much earlier than I expected.
She has also learned that language can be something you look at.
One day she ran to me excitedly asking, "Mommy, did you know that ’people’ starts with ’P’?" and also
"Mommy, ’cereal’ has an ’L’ in it!"

When Winston was 1 year old we experienced the
wonder all over again as he began signing with us.
His first signs have been MORE, MILK, FINISHED, BIRD, EAT, APPLE, CRACKER and PLEASE.
He can ask us for what he wants and he can
tell us about what he sees & hears in the world.
He actively participates when we are reading books & listening to music.
It is amazing for such a young baby to have a
tool to be able to communicate so clearly.

When Sofia, Winston and Violet were 5, 3 and 1
we still signed every day!
Sofia was reading,
Winston was telling us intricate stories with both spoken & signed language
and they both LOVED signing with Violet.
We signed with Violet since she was born &
we experienced the wonder all over again as she began to sign with us.

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Education and
I would love to share my knowledge, skills and experience with you so
you can experience the wonder of signing with your baby, toddler,
pre-schooler or school age child!

Additional Classes
Classes at other Times & Locations are Forming.
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Signing is not just for Babies!
Other Classes for Toddlers and Preschoolers Include:
Signing to Learn Numbers, Signing to Learn about Time,
Preschool Signing for Reading Readiness, Sign to READ

Workshops for Childcare Centers, Customized Programs and Private Instruction are available.
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More Information
We were featured on the NewsChannel 9 Midday News on October 21, 2004,
in the Chattanooga Times Free Press on January 16, 2005,
in Noticias Libres, the Spanish Edition of the Chattanooga Times Free Press on September 28, 2006 and on
WUTC radio, Chattanoog’s NPR affiliate in December, 2006

Classes are open to all expectant parents, parents, grandparents,
older siblings, caregivers and teachers.
Babies & Toddlers are welcome at many classes.

Join Us & Experience the Wonder! You will be greatly rewarded!

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