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Classes, Workshops, and Presentations by Lisa Marie Saliga

Classes, Workshops, Private Family Sessions and Presentations
Classes offer parents, grandparents, care givers and teachers a way to enhance early communication with children as young as 7 months and fun activities to stimulate speech and language in toddlers to preschoolers. Each class is taught through signing, songs, books and activities.

Level I Classes: 8-Week Course
Classes are held once a week for eight weeks. Each class is one hour. This course will enable you to understand the benefits of using sign language with your baby, how to introduce signing to your baby, information and references that will be heplful not only with signing but, also with speech and language development, and motor skill development.

Level II Classes: 4-Week Follow-up Course
Classes are held once a week for four weeks. Each class is one hour. This class will give you an extended vocabulary and additional activities to use with your baby.

Sing & Sign
Sing & Sign classes are weekly classes are a fun way to continue using signing with your baby, toddler or preschooler! They are 1 hour long and are full of activities including songs, fingerplays, books and ideas!

Workshops are offered for 1, 2 & 3 hour classes. They are designed for groups and organizations such as Mommy & Baby groups and daycare providers. These may be customized for your group.

Private Family Sessions
Private Family Sessions can be arranged for those who cannot make a weekly commitment due to travel or time constrictions. They are held in your home and may be customized.

Presentations are a free 45-minute informational program to introduce the benefits of signing. These can be arranged for your group upon request.

Presenter Profile
How many times have you said to yourself, ââ?¬Å?If only I knew what he/she was saying!ââ?¬Â?? The gift of American Sign Language is a wonderful tool to allow your child to be understood at an earlier age. Communication is such a valuable instinct. We all want to be understood. Even preverbal babies have something to say!

I am a mother of five children. I have used the SIGN with your BABYââ??¢ program with my youngest child since he was five months old. After seeing him start signing ââ?¬Å?moreââ?¬Â? and ââ?¬Å?milkââ?¬Â? at six months old, I became a firm believer. What was even more astounding was that my husband became a believer!

I only wish I had this program available with my older children. Two of which needed speech therapy for articulation disorders. Communication with them was always a frustrating task, which affected their self-confidence and self-esteem at their initial social developmental stage. I know if I had been able to use this program with them, the discoveries of being a toddler would have been so much more enjoyable for them as well as I. All toddlers go through a stage where they are first attempting to verbalize words, that they may use the same sounds to mean different things. ââ?¬Å?Ba-baââ?¬Â? could mean anything from ââ?¬Å?babyââ?¬Â? to ââ?¬Å?bottleââ?¬Â? to ââ?¬Å?blanketââ?¬Â?. Clarification can be easier with the use of American Sign Language.

I have taken courses in Elementary Education, American Sign Language, and various workshops in childhood sociologies. I am certified by the Sign2Me Presenter’s Network and have been teaching parents, grandparents, and teachers how to communicate with their hearing babies since June 2002.

Location, Time, and Duration
Level I classes are currently being held at Carlisle Regional Medical Center’s Applewood Women’s Clinic in Carlisle. They are Thursdays 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.. You will receive a SIGN with your BABY tm Quick Reference Guide and class handouts.

Fall classes starting in September!

Level I classes are for 1 adult & 1 child; for 2 adults & 1 child.

Level II classes are for 1 adult & 1 child; for 2 adults & 1 child.

Sing & Sign classes require a purchase of a punch card. This allows attendance to 4 classes.

Workshop costs vary according to the time chosen. Additional travel costs may apply. Please contact me for details.

Contact me to learn how to receive a free SIGN with your BABYtm Complete Learner’s Kittm or attend a workshop free!

Registration and More Information
Registration is required for all classes and workshops. Space is limited. New classes are forming all the time! Hurry and don’t miss out on this sensational way to communicate with your baby!

Snail mail:

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NOTE: All of the individuals and/or organizations listed herein operate independently of and are not directly affiliated with Sign2Me®/Northlight Communications. The above information is provided solely as a service to parents and caregivers seeking signing resources in their community. None of these programs have been reviewed, approved, or endorsed in any way by Sign2Me® and we take no responsibility for the quality, format, or content provided.

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