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Hand in Hand
Using Sign Language with Babies

Course Description
Have you ever wished your child could communicate with you months before he could learn to talk? There is a way! By teaching your child to use sign language to communicate he can sign "I love you" or "please".

Hand in Hand offers workshops and sign language classes based on Joseph Garcia’s SIGN with your BABY. Designed for parents, caregivers, and educators, programs will give you the toolsto empower your baby or toddler to express his needs as young as 7 months of age.

Research shows that using sign language:

* reduces frustration for preverbal babies
* may accelerate verbal language development, including developing larger vocabularies
* stimulates brain activity
* increases self esteem

Hand in Hand offers serveral options:

* 1-hour Workshop
Designed to introduce participants to the idea of signing with your baby or toddler. A few signs will be inroduced.

* 2-hour Workshop
Includes introduction to the idea of signing with your baby or toddler. More time will be spent teaching signs and activities that use sign language.

* Sign Language Classes
Classes meet for 3-6 weeks for an hour a week. Classes are designed to help participants become familiar with a variety of signs. Songs, stories, and games will be used to reinforce sign vocabulary learned each week.

* Individual Family Tutoring
Arrangements can be made for an instructor to come into your home and provide ideas and suggestions for using sign language with your baby.

Presenter Profile
I taught hearing-impaired children for seven years before switching to elementary education, where I taught kindergarten for three years, third grade for a year, and am currently in my fifth year of teaching fourth graders.

I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old who I have been signing with and am thrilled with how easily they picked up signing. It’s been so exciting to see each of their sign vocabulary grow as they are learning to talk. I get tears in my eyes every time they sign "I love you"!

Location, Time, and Duration
Locations and times vary according to who is hosting the workshop. If you are interested in hosting or attending a workshop or Sign Language Class, contact me at, or by phone at 309-867-6506, or leave a voicemail at 309-337-1026.

1 hour workshop: /person
2 hour workshop: /person
3-week Sign Language Class (1 hour/week): /person
6-week Sign Language Class (1 hour/week): 0/person
Individual Family Tutoring: Cost will be determined on an individual basis

Registration and More Information
To recieve more information about Hand in Hand workshops or classes, please contact:

Kristina Lumbeck
309-867-6506 or

NOTE: All of the individuals and/or organizations listed herein operate independently of and are not directly affiliated with Sign2Me®/Northlight Communications. The above information is provided solely as a service to parents and caregivers seeking signing resources in their community. None of these programs have been reviewed, approved, or endorsed in any way by Sign2Me® and we take no responsibility for the quality, format, or content provided.

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