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Autobiography & Testimonial
Greetings! My name is Tami Moore. I am a level I certified Sign2Me presenter in the Boise area. I am a graduate of Portland State University in Portland, OR and of Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences, and with a Master of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, both in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. I currently work as an SLP for the Caldwell School District in Caldwell, Idaho. That said, let me share with you why I also decided to join the Sign2Me presenters network.

In addition to being a state licensed, ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist, I am also a mother of two children, ages 3.9 and 1.10. In my time spent teaching communication skills to my students and my children, I have repeatedly witnessed the value and need of early communication between parents and their children.

As parents, my husband and I have taught our toddlers to sign from the ages of 6 months. Now both our toddlers are almost entirely verbal but still using signs to learn new words or cocepts. As I compare the communication skills of our two toddlers to developmental milestones, I am overwhelmed and amazed at how advanced they are because of this unique tool (pre-verbal signing). At the age of 3 my oldest is completing language tasks typical of a 6-year-old while my 1-year old is already completing 3-year-old tasks. Everywhere we go, people say "Wow, he sure speaks clearly for his age" or "how old are you?" to which we respond with our story about using ASL with him as a baby. ASL equipped both my children with expansive vocabulary which has helped them develop better communication.

My husband and I repeatedly recognize how frustrated our children, not to mention ourselves, would have been had we not introduced this non-verbal avenue of communication.

The value in those communicative interactions is beyond description! It is for this reason that I am passionate about using sign with pre-verbal children and have joined this network as a presenter. I hope I can relay to you the excitement that I experience in using sign with my children.

I look forward to sharing my excitement and joy with you!

The shirt says: "Watch what you say, my mom's an SLP"

Classes & Workshops
Workshops: Workshops are intensive 2-3 hour sessions that range between $ 50.00 to $ 100.00 per person, depending on the length of the workshop.

Classes: Classes are completed in 6-8 weeks with 1-hour weekly sessions. The cost ranges between $ 50.00 to $ 150.00 per family, depending on the length of the class. (Cost is typically about $ 15.00 per hour.)

Location, Time, & Duration
DATE: New classes and workshops coming soon.

TIME: to be determined

LOCATION: Boise Five Mile Church of the Nazarene
Five Mile
Boise, Idaho

church phone:
Tami's phone: 208.284.0849

additional materials needed...coming soon.

Supplies list for classes or workshops
Basic Kit (optional) - available for purchase through pre-order or order for delivery) & additional materials as applicable.

To pre-order contact me at the following:
phone: 208.284.0849

Registration & More Information
If you have questions or comments for me you may reach me at the following:

Business/Cell Phone: 208.284.0849


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