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Course Description
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ASL Training workshop

Objective: Introduction of American Sign Language (ASL) training session for Early Childhood care providers and teachers. Concepts will cover instructing Child Care providers how to use ASL for early communication and early literacy skills. Target population: young hearing children ages 6 weeks through 6 years of age.

Research about ASL.
How to begin teaching ASL within each age group (taking into consideration as with all curriculums, childrens developmental stage, etc.
Techniques that can be utilized with each developmental age group.
Tips on how to get started teaching ASL. How teachers can enrich their knowledge of ASL to equip them.
Handouts explaining goals for each age group a developmental stage.
My experiences in teaching ASL to hearing children.
My experiences integrating early childhood teaching staff to ASL.
Samples of ASL activities to use with young children.
Using ASL with children with special needs.
Use of ASL DVDs.
ASL Songs, and
Songs and, Nursery rhymes.

Teachers will receive a workshop outline, Certificate of Attendance for each workshop as well as a copiess of beginning signs, alphabet, resources, and an opportunity to purchase Sign2Me products.

The training session is 2 hours, with the opportunity to extend training sessions. If you would like to train your staff to use ASL, I will be glad to come to your program, during the week at night and would consider individual consulting to strengthen understand and knowledge within your program. I have been using ASL enhancement in early childhood now for almost two decades!


If you are interested in training your staff or hosting a workshop, please contact me at by e-mail at


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Introduce yourself! Relate your background and experiences with signing.

Location, Time, and Duration

Contact me at TBEAR6663@AOL.COM.

Registration and More Information
Send all inquiries to

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