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Enhancing Young Minds Through Signs
Baby Sign Language Workshops with Dawn Braa

Class Offerings
CLASSES: Classes meet only once and last for two hours. Although instruction will be geared primarily toward adults, young ones are welcome.

WORKSHOPS: Workshop Level 00 is dedicated to adults only. Workshops meet only once and last for two hours. However, various workshops are available after completion of Level 00. You will learn 75 American Sign Language signs to use for communication with your preverbal child! These workshops are great for parents, expectant parents, grandparents, nannies, etc.

PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOPS: Professional Workshops are designed to train staff how to use ASL in their curriculum and ease frustration in childcare settings. Group rate discount, depending on number of adults attending.

PRESENTATIONS: Presentations run from 30-60 minutes and share information about the courses offered through Enhancing Young Minds Through Signs. Presentations are free of charge so gather some people together and learn about the possibilities with sign. Presentations can be during a mother’s group meeting, at a library, book store, a hospital setting, and many other locations.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: Private sessions in your home are available upon request. These sessions are tailored to meet your family’s needs and schedules.

PRIVATE GROUP SESSIONS: Two or more interested parties may host lessons in their home(s). Group rate discount, depending on number of adults attending.

Presenter Profile
Dawn Braa first learned of using American Sign Language during college where she incorporated it with the infants she worked with. Seeing the amazing results, she continued to research ASL. Dawn chose "Improving the Effectiveness of Toddler and Parent Communication" for her Masters Action Research Presentation. Once again, Dawn saw the wonderful effects of sign.

Dawn Braa is a Child Development Instructor at Dakota County Technical College. She teaches many classes ranging from Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition; to Guidance; to Exceptional Children. Prior to teaching at a technical level, Dawn was a full time Lead Teacher in a preschool setting. Dawn incorporated sign into her preschool classroom, as well as foreign languages.

Dawn continued using sign with her own son who began signing at 9 months and signed 2 word sentences at 10 months. Dawn and her son continue using sign, even though he’s three and has an ever evolving vocabulary.

Dawn’s passion is in early childhood. She is an advocate for children and believes that all parents should have the opportunity to learn about signing with their children. Not only for the immediate results of more communication and less frustration, but also for the long term effects of heightened self-esteem, empowerment, social skills, enhanced brain development, and much more.

Location, Time, and Duration
Most workshops are in the metro and western suburbs. However, I do travel to southern MN also. Workshops are generally 2 hours in length.

Workshop fee varies slightly by location; generally - per person.

Registration and More Information
To get registered or simply to find out more info, please contact Dawn Braa directly at 612.207.5175 or email at

Hope to sign with you soon!

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