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Pick Me Up! Music and ASL Activity Guidebook, More than 200 ASL Signs!
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Little Hands, Big Voices
Baby Sign Language Customized Classes & Workshops

Our Programs
Our core five programs include:
  • Multilingualism
  • Flexible Locations and Times
  • Professional Materials
  • Personal e-mail support
  • Standard and custom pricing plans
  • All programs are interactive, hands on, learn and play sessions
  • And it is Fun

  • Signing and Singing- Level 1 (recommended ages 0-3Years) 0.00

    One Hour, Once a Week, 6 weeks
    Includes 1 free "Little Hands, Big Voices" workbook

    This 6 session course will introduce you to the world of signing. You and your baby will be able to use everyday signs, sing and sign songs together and start "Talking and listening" to each other.

    Signing and Singing -Level 2 (recommended ages 0-3years) 0.00
  • One Hour, Once a Week, 6 weeks
  • Includes 1 free "LIttle Hands, Big Voices" workbook

  • This 6 session follow-up course will complement the level one class and will introduce more signs to use with your tots. You will be able to identify objects around the home and "talk" with your wee about animals at the Zoo and in your backyard.

    Home Workshops $ 150.00
  • 3 hour workshop
  • Includes 1 free " Little Hands, Big Voices" workbook
    additional workbooks for each baby are .00 each.

  • Organize a group of just you or bring some friends, I will come to your home to present a getting started package and introduce basic signs representing daily routines. You will also learn a song to share with your wee one. You will be able to get started on signing with your baby.

    Playgroup Specials!! $ Free

    Once your playgroup has completed a " Little Hands, Big Voices" course I will visit your playgroup to share a "Signing Story" with your group. You can choose your favorite book!!!

    Presenter Profile
    My name is Elizabeth Camsell, also known as, Joshua’s Mom.

    In my professional life I have had great success as a corporate trainer. It didn’t take me long to realize, my strengths lie in the classroom, teaching, facilitating and empowering my peers. My experience has brought me to all corners and the northerly tips of Canada, and my travels have brought me around the globe. I have had the privilege of being introduced to many different cultures and languages. I soon realized that sometimes, gestures and facial expressions are the easiest way to communicate. Everyone knows the sign for "eat" and "thirsty"....!!!

    And then Joshua showed up. My interest in American Sign Language was rekindled and a whole new world opened up for me and Joshua.

    Joshua was insistent on having his own voice very early in his life. We decided to "Sign with Your Baby" and have had fun teaching and learning together. He now really does have his own voice. Joshua is a happy baby having fun learning, playing and generally making a mess.

    My goal is to open up this wonderful world of communication opportunity to others. I am now offering my skills and experience to present Baby Sign Language classes in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

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    Little Hands, Big Voices
    Elizabeth Camsell

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