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Little Signing Hands
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Tuesday Night, February 7th 6:30
We are meeting in the Rocker/Glyder section! Come early and get a good rocker!

Come by my Booth at the "Early Learning Expo" Baby Fest at Babies R Us in Pineville, NC. Saturday, March 11th 12:00-4:00.

Hope to see you all very soon!

Presenter Profile - Stephanie Hammonds
As a first time mother myself, I have found signing with my baby, and now toddler, to be incredibly beneficial! I started signing with my little one when she was 6 months old and have stopped yet! She first signed back when she was 10 months old, and her signing vocabulary is amazing (as well as her verbal skills). She celebrated her 2-year-old birthday in February 2005 and uses her 75+ signs along with her large spoken vocabulary!

I graduated from Winthrop University in 2000 with by BS in Early Childhood Education. While there, I did a research project on signing with hearing babies and was amazed at the numerous benefits - not only for the babies themselves, but for parents and care-givers as well.

Signing with your baby gives you a little window into their mind, allowing you to understand their wants, needs, and thoughts before they can even speak. It is like being given a secret code to unlock the door to your child’s world. This greatly reduces the frustration parents often feel when they are trying to understand what their crying child is wanting.

The benefits of signing with your children extend far past babyhood, I have come to find out! Toddlers greatly benefit from learning signs for colors, shapes, and feelings that they are coming to discover!

Private Instruction:
Personalized training in your home. for initial visit (90 minutes - includes book, Sign with your Baby). for each additional visit (50 minutes).

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Please contact me for further information at (803)817-1990 or

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