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Signs For Little Hands
Sign Language classes for babies & toddlers in San Jose

Presenter Profile
My name is Ramona Arellano- Snyder. I began taking sign language classes in 1994. My mother is severely hard-of-hearing and without her hearing aides almost completely deaf. I thought we could learn sign language together in the event she ever lost her hearing completely. After several years of taking classes and becoming totally immersed in learning sign language I decided to go back to school and pursue a Masters in Special Education with an emphasis in Deaf Education. I received my Masters and my teaching credential in deaf education from San Jose State University in May 2001. I have since worked as a substitute teacher of the deaf and substitute sign language interpreter. Occasionally taking short term teaching & interpreting assignments.

Sign Language is such a beautiful mode of communication and I have always felt that hearing children as well as deaf children benefit from knowing sign language. Studies show that children can sign words sooner than they can articulate them verbally .

I have been signing to my daughter since birth and it is amazing to see her signing words that she cannot articulate verbally. Her knowing basic signs such as "milk", "more","finished", "cracker" has reduced the amount of tantrums she has simply because she is able to communicate what she wants.

My hope is through my classes you will have a new found appreciation for sign language. That you will obtain some level of fluency and maybe even continue using it with your child beyond their infant/toddler years.

Location, Time, and Duration
Mom & Baby Sign I
August 2009

Tiny Tots
138 Railway Ave
In the community room
Call 408-866-2925 to register,

Mom & Baby Sign I

Sunnyvale Adult Community Education
August 2009

call 408-522-2700 for registration

Registration and More Information
If you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me by email

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