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Course Description

Welcome to â??Baby Signs for Playful Hands.â??

Come sign and play with us!

Through fun, hands-on activities, games, storytelling, and songs, parents and babies will learn and practice signs.

Sign language will build on babiesâ?? natural tendency to gesture and is easy for all ages!

American Sign Language incorporates natural gestures and facial movements.

You will be amazed at the calmer atmosphere created by using effective manual communication techniques.

Peripheral vision will be enhanced.

You can communicate from a distance.

Your child will develop and increase his/her capability of understanding visual cues and thus get his/her own needs met, as a result. Everyone will be happier, too!

Each week will focus on a different theme, with handouts for you to take home to practice.

We will focus on functional, everyday signs with are important to you and your child.

The class is a terrific opportunity to practice signing with your child, interact with fellow parents, and ask any questions that may arise.

Classes are taught in a small group to allow for maximum communication and interaction, and all comfort in the natural atmosphere.

It truly is amazing to watch a pre-verbal child learn a new sign and use it in context.

My love of children shines through my dedication and passion to enriching their lives, as well as, the lives of their family.

Benefits of Signing Include:

â?¢ Allows the child to clearly communicate their thoughts and feelings
â?¢ Lessens guesswork for everyone, get confirmations
â?¢ Strengthens the parent-child bond
â?¢ Boosting self-esteem
â?¢ Reducing frustration
â?¢ Increasing vocabulary
â?¢ Stimulating intellectual development
â?¢ Increased awareness of surroundings and peripheral vision
â?¢ Promotes eye contact and further develops observational skills
â?¢ Decrease in aggressive behavior and tantrums
â?¢ Effective interaction with siblings and family members
â?¢ Communication at a distance
â?¢ Sense of empowerment with pride and confidence

Presenter Profile
I am Larry Littleton, your instructor for the next eight weeks.

Together, we will embark on a course in sign language that will strengthen and facilitate communication between you, your child, and other family members.

Learning signs will lessen the daily frustration to having everyoneâ??s needs met and fulfilled, leading to calmer, happy, and joyful babies, parents, and families.

My own personal experience with profound hearing loss, as a result of spinal meningitis at an early age, enables me to expertly encourage alternate models of communication for parents and their children.

As a mentor for sign language interpreter programs, I have a passion for sharing my signing expertise with others, especially with children and their families.

My wife, Susan and I, lived on the school campus where she taught art for over twenty years. I instructed students there, and have taught sign language to children and their parents everywhere we have traveled throughout the world.

The sheer delight of sharing sign language and witnessing it opening the doors of communication,
once barred, is a blissful experience.

I look forward with excitement to introduce you to the world of sign language and to demonstrate how easy it is to welcome you and your child to learn how to communicate with â??playful hands,â?? and open hearts.

I live on Kauai with my wife, Susan, an artist and educator. My hobbies include surfing, snorkeling, and volunteering. As a member of Kauai’s CERT (Community Emergency Response) Team and Disaster Assessment Team with the American Red Cross, my top priority is communication and accessibility. I also serve as Chair for the Kauai County Mayor’s Advisory Committee for Equal Access.


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