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Creative Signing
It's About Communication!

Course Descriptions
Families with young children, from pre-verbal babies on up, are finding they can bring more peace and cooperation into their everyday lives by combining American Sign Language signs with their daily verbal communication and activities. Our families are finding they can work better as a team by encouraging all ages to Stop, Look and Listen.

Even if using only a few signs, this process develops a trust in being seen and heard, even if the answer is still no! With your very busy lives and extreme habits of multi-tasking, our goal is to bring more peace and cooperation into your daily life while keeping this quick and easy tool simple and effective for you and your family.

You will see these benefits:
Pre-verbal babies: Witness their delight as they experience getting their needs met and thoughts communicated with this mode of communication they can actually use.

Twins/multiples: See them feel empowered as they develop this self controlled way of communicating to each other. This will result in a decrease in aggressive behaviors.

Older Siblings: Instead of just working around their new baby sibling, see how they start to connect with them through this process which promotes more eye contact and observation skills. See pride and confidence build as they teach, and are able to interact effectively with, their baby brother or sister.

Parents/Caregivers: You will notice a sense of calm, really! It is amazing. You will be able to breath and maintain your calm through your toddlers tantrum and respond in a more effective way. Address your child's needs with less guesswork as you can now confirm, or literally discuss, their issue with signs such as Hurt/Pain, Eat, Change (for diaper changing), More and Finished.

See the Classes and Workshops offered to help you take advantage of all the benefits this very easy process can bring to you and your family!

Presenter Profile
Laura Greer, Owner/Certified Instructor

Laura Greer started Creative Signing to enhance the communication with infants and children in hearing homes by integrating American Sign Language signs into daily activities.

Laura has been using American Sign Language vocabulary for the everyday needs in her home since 1999. Starting with just a few signs and the arrival of her first baby, her family continued to discover many benefits from the pre-verbal ages, through the verbal and emotional toddler years. With her Professional background in the visual communication fields of Graphic Design and Illustration, she was fascinated with how this silent language actually promoted more effective overall communication. As a result, Laura became a Certified Presenter with the Sign 2 Me Presenters Network to be able to share this incredible tool with other caregivers and parents. Based in North County San Diego, she has been presenting at conferences and teaching Workshops and Classes to enable Parents and Caregivers to use American Sign Language vocabulary with infants and children.

The families and groups she has worked with feel their homes and care centers have a much calmer atmosphere because of the communication habits formed from this process.

Creative Signing courses are based on Joseph Garcia's award-winning SIGN with your BABY program. Garcia's program emphasizes the use of American Sign Language vocabulary used by the Deaf Community. This program has integrated the latest research and proven methodology for positively effecting child developmental patterns.

Regular Workshops and Classes are held in the North San Diego County area, most often in Encinitas, California.

Workshops and Presentations outside of the San Diego area can be arranged, please call or email Laura to discuss.

Creative Signing classes:
Activity Classes:
"BABY Sing, Sign & Playtime!" also called "Musical Sing & Sign!"
Come sign and play with us! Through fun, hands-on activities and songs, parents and babies will learn and practice signs. Sign Language builds on babies natural tendency to gesture and is easy for all ages! Signs used are based on American Sign Language and Joseph Garcia's Sign with your Baby program. Ages, approx. 6mo.-18mo.
45 min. class for 6 weeks, please call for specific information

"Many Friends Playtime!"
Songs, games and activities integrated with helpful ASL signs. Great opportunity for only children to improve their peer socialization skills and tolerance with children of other ages. Tons of fun for twins and close-in-age siblings while also increasing their ability to communicate with each other--helping Mom and the whole family.
Ages 6 mo. - approx. 3 years old
1 hour class for 6 weeks, please call for specific information

One-time Workshop:
2 hour parent/caregiver focused workshop.
Most importantly, this interactive Workshop is to make sure you don't turn this into a "project". Lets be efficient and effective. Get the most out of this with the least amount of effort. You will gain a full understanding of the benefits and purpose of integrating this process. Learn about the long term advantages for you to use as a parenting tool throughout the growing years.
per family (up to 2 Adults and all children can attend)

Care Facility Workshop:
2 hour workshop for your staff and families. An opportunity for the whole "village" surrounding a child to have a consistent tool to promote mutual respect, cooperation, and their individual verbal and conceptual language skills.
Discounted rates available, please call for specific information.

Private Session:
2-3 hours at your home, with your entire family. In your own environment, we can clearly focus on your specific routines and have your whole family on the same page. Again, emphasising keeping it simple and easy for everyone. No stress needed to give this tool to everyone in your home.
per family

Playgroup Activity:
We'll visit your playgroup with songs and games integrated with helpful ASL signs. You'll barely notice the learning within the fun. You will end up using these practical signs right away for your daily routines.
per household family, minimun

Registration Information
Encinitas Community Center: 760-943-2260,

Babies by the Sea Boutique: (760) 230-4272,

Musical Sing & Sign!

Call or email Laura for any other classes or workshops you would like to schedule and any questions.

Laura Greer
(760) 632-1141

NOTE: All of the individuals and/or organizations listed herein operate independently of and are not directly affiliated with Sign2Me®/Northlight Communications. The above information is provided solely as a service to parents and caregivers seeking signing resources in their community. None of these programs have been reviewed, approved, or endorsed in any way by Sign2Me® and we take no responsibility for the quality, format, or content provided.

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