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Course Description
Are you frustrated knowing that your child is trying to tell you something and you don't know what? Children have control over their hands before they can vocalize what they need. Let me help you take that frustration away from you and your child with teaching you how to sign with your child. This is an amazing program. Research has show deaf as well as hearing children as young as 8 months benefiting from learning sign language. It not only helps when they can’t speak, it will also build their vocabulary when they can! Check out all the research for yourself on our webpage.

Instructor's Profile
I have been interested in signing since childhood. After doing a book report on Hellen Keller I became obsessed with anything to do with sign language.
I began taking signing classes formally in 1997 after my daughter was born. I have completed my ASL II class at Oakland Community College, as well as participating in seminars on Deaf Culture. My goal is to become as fluent as possible and learn all I can about this wonderful language and the Deaf Culture.
I owned and ran my own licensed daycare for 6 years. Then became a nanny for severl more years. During that time, I had a Deaf child in my daycare. She taught me just how important it was for my children to learn to sign as well. They wanted to "talk" with Gracie but they would just say, "Mommy what does she want"? I then started teaching them signs that she used. Before you knew it all the children would be in the sandbox chatting away! It is amazing to see the gap bridged!
Isn’t it up to us as parents to give our children all the tools they need to excel in life? In my opinion, this is one tool we shouldn’t leave them without!
I am now combining my two passions of signing and children. I am a sign language teacher at a local children's academy.
I have used signs with my hearing children since they were infants. Now at 15 and 11years old they still love to sign,especially when I am on the phone! They think if they don't speak, it is not interupting! We are working on that!

Classes now forming at Winter Garden Parks and Recreaction


The program consists of 100 lessons divided into three units. The objectives of Unit I are phonemic awareness, letter names, sight words and the reading of simple sentences and stories. The iconic nature of signing - the fact that the signs illustrate the words they represent - plays a key role in helping students learn the sight words they need to "get them reading". The objective of Unit II is the sounds of the letters. What makes the letter sounds more meaningful to the students is that they can relate them to the words they have learned to read in Unit I. Again signing helps - this time with the use of the finger alphabet. And finally the objective of Unit III is the blending of letter sounds in the reading and writing of word families. Finger spelling again plays a key role because it helps the students sound out the words as they finger spell the words.

Basic Sign Language Class
Learn basic signs, letters,numbers. The amount you learn is all up to you.

Pre-registration required for all classes and workshops
Lynne Uutinen
(313) 407-8184

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