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My son, blowing our M.D. away
September 2009  Signing Star
By: Leslie Briggs

At 22 months of age, my son, Carson broke his arm. I was so grateful I had taught him to sign when I took him to the Doctor to have his arm placed in a cast. On our way into the Doctor's office, Carson began signing "DADDY, DADDY". The doctor, confused by what he was doing, looked to me. "He is asking for his father", I explained. We proceeded into the room, where the doctor lifted Carson onto the table and touched his arm. Carson winced and began signing, "HURT, HURT". Again the doctor looked to me.I explained that he was in pain, the doctor proceeded more gently, amazed at this child's ability to express his needs. Then, as the doctor began applying the cast, Carson let out a squeal and looked at me imploringly. He was emphatically signing "HOT, HOT". I have never seen a cast applied, so I looked to the doctor this time and asked, "Is there any chance the cast is hot? He issigning HOT". "Yes, it is!" he replied. At this point the doctor quickly finished his work and excitedly called all his staff members over. "That little baby," he said, pointing at Carson, "justtold me his cast is hot!"
While most one-year olds have to result to tantrums to try and get their points across, Carson was able to call for his daddy, ask the doctor to be more gently and let everyone know that "the darn cast is too HOT"!

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