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The following is but a handful of the countless testimonials we have received from parenting organizations, child and speech development experts, and parents from around the world.

If you have had a great experience regarding the SIGN with your BABY program that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you! Write a testimonial.

The National Parenting Center
"The concept of signing as a communication method has often been thought of as being solely for deaf or hearing impaired people. Signing with your baby is a revolutionary method that thoroughly impressed our testers with its design for teaching communication techniques for young children who are not speaking yet. Even if you just peruse the system and watch the video you will find something that can enhance your ability to connect with your child. Signing can be fun and helpful when it comes to routine concepts such as food, bath, bed, bottle, etc. The idea of personalizing the system to your own family situation, where specific signs might mean mom or sister, really hit the mark with our evaluators."

Parents' Choice Recommendation
"Parents looking for a new way to communicate and bond with their older infant and/or toddler now have one-this video, book and chart that teach elementary signing. Eye contact, interaction and language development all get a boost from the kit, which is aimed at ages 7 months to 3 years. Plus, with a few of the simple signs in hand, the little ones can actually help mom and dad figure out what they need. (Eat? Up? More?) Parents who stick with it may also see a broader social advantage: bridging that communication barrier between deaf and hearing people of all ages."

Shirley Sagawa - Reviewer,
"SIGN with your BABY is very helpful and user friendly. I commend the authors for using American Sign Language (ASL) as the basis of the program, rather than invented signs. This approach gives hearing babies an early introduction to a useful second language..."

Dr. Burton White - Child Development Expert
"I don't do recommendations very readily, but in this situation I am totally comfortable about recommending the work of Mr. Garcia. I have followed it for several years now, and recommend it to our parents who use it with great success."

Dr. Burton White is the Director of the Center for Parent Education and author of The First Three Years of Life and How to Raise a Happy Unspoiled Child. He is among the world's leading authorities on early childhood development.

Dr. Stephanie Stein
"The idea of signing with a baby appeals to me professionally in my role as a developmental psychologist. It completely blows Piaget's theory out of the water that says that babies can't mentally represent symbols until they are almost two and therefore can't learn to talk until then. Ha! It's the fine motor skills that are lacking in young infants, not the conceptual ability to understand and use language."

Dr. Stephanie Stein is a professor in the Psychology Department of Central Washington University and an expert in Developmental Psychology.

Dr. Martha Bullock Lamberts - Human Development Specialist
"This is a time when the brain is growing very, very rapidly. It is too precious a time to waste. That's what I like about the idea of signing very young. We know from research and observation that the first major way children learn is kinesthetically, through movement, through touch, through experience. I think [SIGN with your BABY] is particularly good because signing is that kind of learning process."

Alice Stroutsos - Speech-Language Pathologist
"By giving a child a sign or symbol, it enhances their ability to communicate and develop intellectually, and I think the other thing it does is it really helps the child-parent bond. They're both invested in the situation, they're both attending, they're both connected."

Casandra Hulse - Childcare Instructor
"We have signed with the children in our child development center for years. They are using the signs regularly and it is very rewarding and exciting to see them effectively communicate with us. New staff members are excited about the many benefits that signing can offer and eager to learn this method of communication.

One of the benefits is that the children in our childcare center are less frustrated because they can tell us what they want. Their parents are frequently amazed and very excited about this process. Most of them use the signs at home, as well."

Casandra Hulse is the lead instructor of a childcare facility in Anchorage, Alaska.

MaryJo Dostal - Director, Union Bay Children's Center
"Based on our experiences of introducing ASL to hearing infants, toddlers, and preschoolers over the last five years, we have found ASL to be an incredible bridge between receptive language and verbal language. It is a wonderful tool for children learning English as a second language and for introducing a second spoken language. We have also found ASL to be an effective connection for children moving through infant, toddler, and preschool groupings. By having the consistency of ASL throughout our entire program, the children and staff can easily communicate through recognized signs."

MaryJo Dostal is the Director of Union Bay Children's Center and co-founder of Sprouts Educational Resources.

Kelli Goble - Parent in Tracy, CA
"My daughter had severe earaches, but the doctor said her ears were fine. I insisted that she was signing PAIN by her right ear. He thought I was nuts, but ran some further tests...and found that 90% of her inner ear was full of fluid, causing a 35% hearing loss! Without her ability to sign to us, the specialist said we would not have known about the fluid in her ears."

Lauren Cover - Parent in Redmond, WA
"Our son learned about 80 signs by 18 months and we were able to have 'conversations' about the world around him. He was able to tell us what he needed, but also what he was thinking. It was a fabulous window into his mind. We were amazed at the concepts he understood and the extent of his memory and would have never known what he was thinking without his signing. As more parents are able to communicate with their young children, there will be a greater respect for the child as a person.

I think signing was definitely one of the best things we did as parents and I strongly recommend it to other parents."

Laura Biggs - Parent in Austin, TX
"We just brought home a beautiful two-year-old girl from China. We began using a few signs one day after we had adopted her (while in China), and we have had a blast communicating in this way. She picked the signs up very quickly, and we believe we have avoided a lot of frustration using them. She has been with us for three months now, and although her English is coming along well, we still use signs with her. We believe that using this program in international adoption could be a real help to new parents."

Jessica Jordan - Parent in Nashua, NH
"Our daughter was able to express herself through simple signs (milk, more, all done) at 8 months old. She is now 13 months and readily uses over 35 signs to express herself. Just the other day she picked up a feather from our parrot and signed, 'bird-hair'. It is amazing! She can express herself and we can discuss concepts you wouldn't normally think a 1 year old would understand."

Jackie Thomas - Parent in Bothell, WA
"Within a week of his first sign he had added 5 more and now knows about 20 signs. The fact that our 13-month-old child can tell us when he is hungry, thirsty, in pain, or is full still amazes me everyday. His frustration level is practically nil, which makes him a delight to be around. His ability to initiate conversation about things that he did or hears or sees makes me thankful everday for Joseph Garcia and his research."

Rachel Mano - Parent in Salt Lake City, UT
"Our son, Logan is 19 months old. He can sign upwards of 100 signs now. We had just emptied out most of the water in our fish tank because we were moving. The tank was on the floor with all the fish still in it. Because we had emptied out the water, the plants had fallen over. Logan looked in the tank and signed to me this amazing sentence: fish, help, tree, fall down. I took it to mean that the fish need help because the trees fell down. I asked him if that is what he meant and he agreed. It was so cute and funny and let me see more clearly into Logan's sweet and caring personality. He was also so glad that I understood his concern for the fish."

Adele Marshall - Parent in Plymouth, Devon, UK
"The signing method has intensified an already powerful bond between myself and my daughters, and I feel that I have really got to know them and their developing personalities at a very young age. As a result, they are so keen to communicate, knowing that they are nearly always understood, be it by sign, sounds, or speech, or a combination of all three!"

Testimonials for the NEW Pick Me Up! Music CD and Activity Guide:

Kristin Boyer - Parent in Atlanta, GA
"Having no experience in sign language, I appreciated the repetitiveness of some of the signs in all the different songs and the signs that were used are words that I use to speak to my child on a daily basis. That makes it easy for me to learn and easier for her to understand."

Amy Rossano - Parent in Cherry Hill, NJ
"The songs are wonderful -- appropriate for all different age levels to enjoy. The illustrations of the signs are very clear to those who do not have experience in signing. The suggestions of the recommended signs are also very appropriate. The music is wonderful! The tunes have people signing even after the music is over!"

Bethanie Brown - Parent in Alto, GA
It's really made my life complicated, because I have to tote it from the house to the car and back again whenever we go anywhere -- it's been playing every day for the past two weeks, and I'm still not tired of it.

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