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sign2me instructors network FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sign2Me Instructors' Network

What steps are involved in becoming a Certified Sign2Me Instructor?

Is any special training in ASL required to become a Certified Sign2Me Instructor?

How long will my application process take to complete?

Is there any cost to join the Network and get started?

Do you have any other fee requirements?

What will the structure of my relationship be with Sign2Me?

Is this a franchise relationship?

Where do I obtain my teaching materials?

How much time will I need to devote to my new business?

What is required to maintain my membership in the program?

Will I be solely responsible to find my own business opportunities or will Sign2Me assist me?

How will I stay in touch with my little students as they grow up?

What is involved in the training process?

What curriculum will I be using?

What is the training cost and expectation for product sales (if any)?

What steps are involved in becoming a Certified Sign2Me Instructor? First, fill in the Instructors’ Network Membership Request form by clicking here. Once we receive your form, you will be sent a link to complete our Sign2Me Instructor’s Online Application, which will provide us additional information so that we can get to know you better. The Sign2Me team will then review your application and then contact you by email.  If your Instructor’s Online Application shows us that you meet the initial criteria,  we will then ·ask you to supply us with your signed Sign2Me Instructor’s Agreement, your resume, 2 letters of recommendation, copies of your professional certifications, and a Washington State Resale Certificate for our records. You will also need to take a brief ASL test online. Once all your documentation has been received and you’ve successfully passed your online signing test, you will be scheduled for a phone interview with our Sign2Me Instructors’ Network Director. ·During your phone interview you’ll have plenty of time to ask any remaining questions you might have. After that . . . you are on your way!

Is any special training in ASL required to become a Certified Sign2Me Instructor? One of our requirements is that our instructors must have training or qualified experience in ASL.  To be clear, Sign2Me’s primary mission is to educate the hearing world and we typically teach ASL vocabulary rather than the full ASL language.  Even so, we hold a deep respect for our Deaf friends and the gift they share with us. We believe it is important for everyone to develop a greater understanding of ASL as well as Deaf Culture. ·· Our Sign2Me Instructors Network is made up of a diverse group of wonderfully-dedicated individuals – educators, Speech-Language professionals, parents, ASL Interpreters, native ASL users, medical practitioners, childcare providers, and many others and are encouraged to continue their ASL education and to become more acquainted with the Deaf community and deaf culture. The ideal Sign2Me Instructor candidate has had formal training or qualifying experience in American Sign Language, has had experience teaching, and has worked with young children to provide the quality experience that parents, educators and organizations expect from a superior signing organization.

How long will my application process take to complete? This will depend on how quickly you are able to complete your Sign2Me Instructor’s Online Applicationand deliver your documents to us.  Typically, expect the process to take about 4-6 weeks. Once your Sign2Me Instructor's application has been approved, and you have received your Starter Package, you will be scheduled for a call with our staff to help you become familiar with your new materials and to provide initial training on setting up and maintaining your personal Sign2Me web page on the website. You’ll be introduced to our professional network and to our Instructor’s-only Forum where you will be able to chat and share with your fellow Instructors worldwide. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any further questions you might have.

Is there any cost to join the Network and get started? ·Yes.· If you qualify to become a Sign2Me Instructor, our Start-up Fee is a one-time charge of $339.00 (plus shipping and handling), and provides you with your Level 1 membership and over $600.00 worth of FREE signing resources and retail product!· You’ll receive our Instructor’s Pro Resource Package, which comes with all the documentation, training material, lesson plans and demonstration product you’ll need to get you quickly on your way towards becoming a successful Sign2Me Instructor.· This fee can be paid all at once or in increments of two, or even three payments if you would prefer. Once your initial payment has been received, your Sign2Me Product and Pro Resource Package will be on its way to you, and you’ll be on your way to opening new doors and opportunities as a Certified Sign2Me Instructor!

Do you have any other fee requirements? ·At this time there are no other mandatory fees associated with participating as a Level 1 Instructor in the Sign2Me Instructors’ Network.

What will the structure of my relationship be with Sign2Me? ·Each Certified Sign2Me Instructor owns and operates their own legal business entity.· You will be required to obtain a business license in your home state.· Our Sign2Me Instructors typically set up their own class locations and market their classes locally.· Sign2Me is often asked to present at conferences, to educators, company sites, childcare centers, medical facilities, community centers and to parents. We eagerly pass these opportunities on to our active Sign2Me Instructors as appropriate. Our goal is to help our Instructors find great opportunities to engage with their markets. We’d like nothing more than to see each one of our Instructors enjoy great business success!

Is this a franchise relationship? ·No.· Our Sign2Me Instructors operate their own independent businesses but receive special benefits and support from Sign2Me through their membership in our Network.· Our Sign2Me Instructors, through written agreement, are authorized to publicly represent the Sign2Me program and to display the Sign2Me logo, their Certification Credentials, and the Sign2Me branding according to their Sign2Me Agreement guidelines.

Where do I obtain my teaching materials? ·Sign2Me offers recommended curricula, materials, and guidelines, but since you will be an independent Instructor you also may create your own material as long as it remains in compliance with the Sign2Me Agreement guidelines.· Any non-Sign2Me curricula must also meet Sign2Me’s insistence upon maintaining only the highest quality standards.· After all, both our hard-earned reputation and yours are at stake!· We want everyone who takes a Sign2Me class from you to take away great new skills and a fabulous experience!· We want them to tell everyone they know about the great class they took and rave about you as their teacher.

How much time will I need to devote to my new business? ·This is totally up to you, but it goes without saying that to start any successful home-based business simply takes time and effort.· You, however, are in complete control of your own work schedule.· We have Instructors that work full-time and some only part-time but as with any successful business, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get back.· The key is to get the word out about your classes and to put together a sound business, sales and marketing plan.· Then, start developing your reputation for delivering a great experience and good value to your students.· We’re delighted to help you get started in any way we can.· We’ll help provide you with information about what you'll need to do and how to go about doing it.· You will receive our monthly Sign2Me Instructors’ Insight newsletter that will provide you on-going support for your exciting business adventure. ·Although we can’t do it for you, we are here to help support you and to help you make your new business beneficial to you and to every life you touch!

What is required to maintain my membership in the program? ·The requirements for maintaining a Level 1 membership are quite reasonable.· You will have the opportunity to review the Sign2Me Instructors Agreement once your Online Application has been completed and before you purchase your Sign2Me Instructors’ Membership.· Our agreement will be provided to you in advance for your review and discussion during your first interview.

Will I be solely·responsible to find my own business opportunities or will Sign2Me assist me? ·While it will be your primary responsibility to market your own business, Sign2Me is pleased to refer leads that it receives from potential students living near you.· This is done via your own, personalized, “Classes” page in our website at· It will be your responsibility to update your Web page whenever you change your contact information, class descriptions, locations, or class schedules. From time to time, Sign2Me also sends our Instructors additional business leads via several other mechanisms.· Our goal is to always do our best to help you find new business opportunities where you can share this important information with others.

How will I stay in touch with my little students as they grow up? ·The families you touch will stay with you as long as you maintain communication with them.· One of the great tools that we provide is our monthly, public Sign2Me newsletter called, Spotlight.· We encourage you to send Spotlight to all your clients to keep them inspired and updated.· Doing so will cost you nothing except the time it takes to send it out to everyone on your mailing list.· Your staff at Sign2Me does all of the creation and professional design work for you.· All you have to do is send it out, directly from you.· We provide this as a FREE service to you.· There are other events and ideas that will help to bring clients to you too, so watch for the announcements, and always make sure you read every edition of your Insight Instructor’s newsletter.

What is involved in the training process?· ·Once you have been approved and have paid your Start-up Fee you will receive your Starter Package, which comes with all the documentation, training materials, lesson plans and demonstration products to help you become a successful Instructor. The Starter Package also contains a detailed Instructors’ manual on how to structure, advertise and present your classes. Our monthly newsletter called, Insight, is created exclusively for our Instructors to help share tips and tricks of the trade. In addition, our on-line forum acts as another great training resource where Instructors from all over the world collaborate and help one another with business ideas and classroom tips. All these items and more are part of the training that we provide in becoming a successful Instructor.

What curriculum will I be using?· ·We provide you with a great Start-up Kit that includes a series of 12 Lesson Plans.· We recommend that you follow our lessons as they are based upon the Sign2Me program.· Currently we are also in process of developing additional lesson plans for our Instructors, plus, in our Instructors’ Network Forum, many of our Instructors share the lessons, tips and tricks, and suggestions they have created over the years.
What is the training cost and expectation for product sales (if any)?· There is no training cost as everything comes with your package after you pay your Start-up Fee.· This is a one-time purchase and currently there are no other fees associated with becoming a Sign2Me Level 1 Instructor.· · As for product sales, we encourage you to sell the products you will be using or demonstrating in your classes. ·Your students will have a richer learning experience if they take home the right tools to help them learn along with great materials to support your training.· Other family members who are not present in your classes will also benefit from your students bringing home some great tools.· Although you technically won’t have any Level 1 quotas for selling our products, product sales are an important resource that helps Sign2Me continue to support our Instructors’ Network with marketing, new materials and programs.· We do not take a portion of your Level 1 class fees at this time, so supporting us . . . and your Network . . . with product sales only helps you and your fellow Sign2Me Instructors develop even more successful businesses.· In the long run, everyone wins!



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