Quick Start Complete Learning Kit

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The Quick Start Complete Learning Kit includes:

1- SIGN with your BABY®
Book by Dr. Joseph Garcia.

1- SIGN with your BABY®
DVD Training Video (1-hour video) plus 145 ASL video sign demonstrations.

1- SIGN with your BABY®
Laminated Quick Reference Guide (English, Spanish, ASL).

1- Li'l Pick Me Up! Music and Activity Guidebook.
ASL signing, Enhanced Music CD, and activities package with digital Activity Guide and over 200 ASL signs.

1- Songs for Words, Wiggles, and Giggles
Music CD from Speech Pathologist, Linda Stoler and Sign2Me Early Learning.

1- "My Baby Can Sign2Me!"
Bumper sticker that let's the world know you are a wise parent with a signing baby!

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Based on American Sign Language (ASL), SIGN with your BABY® is the program from Sign2Me Early Learning and Dr. Joseph Garcia that launched the ASL Baby Sign Language revolution! This very special new bundle gives you everything in the original SIGN with your BABY® Complete Learning Kit, plus some exciting additional enhancements to make your learning experience even more fun and successful for you and your baby!

This is the program that's widely known to get you and baby started fast with ASL baby signing! Already trusted worldwide by over 1,000,000 users, SIGN with your BABY® was featured in a full segment on ABC Television's, "20/20." They called it," ...An amazing new world of communications!" The Quick Start Learning Kit guides you into this awesome method of pre-verbal communications that works effectively with virtually every baby, starting as young as 6 months!

Most importantly, this SIGN with your BABY® package gives you the practical guidelines, tips, and techniques to successfully energize that vital link of pre-verbal communication between you and your baby. The included SIGN with your BABY® book contains 112 pages of how-to's coupled with loads of inspiration while it also teaches you 145 clearly-illustrated ASL signs.

The included SIGN with your BABY® DVD Training Video walks you through the process and makes it even easier to learn new ASL signs with its 145 video sign demonstrations that can be individually accessed via the on-screen menus. It makes learning ASL Baby Sign Language easy with instruction, demonstrations, and tips from author/researcher, Dr. Joseph Garcia. It also features interviews with parents and caregivers who share their experiences along with eye-opening footage of simply adorable signing babies and children.

Also included in this package is the Award-Winning music, activities, and ASL signing combo called Li'l Pick Me Up!, created especially for parents and caregivers looking for a delightful way to introduce ASL signs and music to their children. Fabulous music (for ALL ages) acts as a memory prompt and teams up with movement and a lovely, full-color digitally-downloadable Activity Guidebook to make it fun and fast to learn over 200 useful ASL signs.

This collection of 20 original songs plus a Bonus Track features music that engages children's bodies as well as their minds. Developed with both children and adult listeners in mind, Li'L Pick Me Up! offers lyrics with the patterns and repetition children love, seasoned with a style and humor the adults are sure to enjoy.

We've combined a rich variety of musical styles – ranging from jazz, calypso, and reggae to country, rock, and soul – with authentic instrumentation, all composed by Grammy® Award nominee, Roger Treece and lyrics by acclaimed children's songwriter, Nancy Stewart. The music is so good that this package is even used with great reviews in many high school and university ASL classes.

Finally, we've packed in a fabulously-fun music CD to support language development and literacy learning. From Speech/Language Pathologist, Linda Stoler and Sign2Me Early Learning, this music was designed for children from birth and up to introduces phonological awareness and sound development through Linda's Multi-Modality teaching approach. It's packed chock full of fun lyrics and loads of upbeat music that will make everyone feel good!

Linda's music offers more than just simple musical enjoyment by incorporating elements of phonological awareness when a child hears specific, repetitive sounds of the English language. Babies and toddlers are provided with the opportunity to listen, learn, and respond to these recognizable sound patterns. Through the use of the suggestions in the CD liner notes, young children are engaged in learning how to interact with their environment. Learning in this way enhances and accelerates early brain development.

In this Quick Start Baby Sign Language Package, Dr. Garcia humorously helps you through the process and shows you how to recognize when your child is receptive to learning. He recommends which signs to teach first and shares ideas for games that can be fun and useful when introducing new signs. While you're at it, we recommend that you give Dad a bowl of popcorn (We've included it in this special bundle!) and his favorite beverage and have him watch just the first 10 minutes of the SIGN with your BABY® DVD, that's all. When he does he'll become completely hooked on the concept too! Don't tell him but we actually designed the video to help Dads get excited about joining in on all the fun.

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