SIGN with your BABY Book

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SIGN with your BABY

by Dr. Joseph Garcia

Trusted worldwide by over 2,500,000 parents, teachers, medical professionals, childcare professionals and babies!

forward by Dr. Burton White

112 Pages. 145 clearly-illustrated ASL signs. Filled with anecdotes, practical guidelines, and humor, SIGN with your BABY offers an effective way to teach parents and infants how to communicate through sign. Author Dr. Joseph Garcia helps you recognize when your child is receptive to learning, recommends which signs to teach first, and shares ideas for games that can be fun and useful when introducing new signs. With 145 clearly illustrated ASL signs, this book enables you to choose and teach the signs that will be most beneficial to you and your child. You'll be amazed when your baby signs! MSRP C$18.69

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The Complete Learning Kit

The most award-winning product of its kind for introducing American Sign Language (ASL) signs to hearing babies, this powerful package can help you understand and meet the needs of infants and toddlers long before they can speak. Author and researcher Dr. Joseph Garcia offers a straightforward and light-hearted approach to teaching infants how to communicate using simple ASL signs. Includes Dr. Joseph Garcias's book SIGN with your BABY, the SIGN with your BABY Training DVD, and the SIGN with your BABY Quick Reference Chart!You'll be amazed when your baby signs!

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Our award-winning educational program designed to help establish two-way communication between hearing parents and their hearing children through the use of American Sign Language signs.
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