Linda Stoler Lullabies for Language and Learning

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"These aren't your mother's lullabies. They will lull children to sleep, but are also meant to awaken early language skills in very young listeners. The lullaby recordings were designed to teach articulation, semantics, and syntax. They are being hailed by some educators as the first time language development has been explicitly explored through lullabies."
- The Boston Globe

Lullabies for Language and Learning is the first collection of lullabies that promotes phonological awareness and language development. This CD has been embraced by parents, caregivers, and day care centers and is endorsed by members of the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association. The collection captures the fact that children are pre-wired for language and music, including the capacity of a baby as young as one month to distinguish between the sounds "ba" and "pa" as well as melodies heard while in utero. 21 tracks. MSRP C$18.69

Suggested ages: Preverbal-5 Years

1 Beautiful Baby 1:38
2 Let Us Feel Peace 2:29
3 Mother Mine 2 2:16
4 Welcome to this Wondrous Place 2:06
5 Dear One 2:27
6 Sweet Tidings to You 2:29
7 Homecoming 1:55
8 Night Night Newborn 1:49
9 Hear a I Can Take Care of You sample
10 Good Night - Good Night 2:01
11 Fine New Friend 1:47
12 You Appeared This Special Year 2:12
13 Riches You Hold 1:39
14 Hear a A Miracle You Are sample
15 Hear a Sounds So Sweet sample
16 Hear a She Makes A Wish sample
17 My Cherished Child 1:33
18 Hear a Azure Breezes sample
19 Hear a Valleys of Violets sample
20 Thank You My Family 1:32
21 She Makes A Wish - Reprise 1, 2, 1:40
Total running time 40:06

CD includes a 12 page booklet featuring song lyrics and notes from Linda.

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