Linda Stoler Songs for Words, Wiggles and Giggles

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Developed for children birth and up, Songs for Words Wiggles and Giggles, introduces numerous musical genres - from folk to Broadway - and is bright with fun lyrics and upbeat music. Each track on the CD emphasizes particular sounds, such as the /d/ sound in "Dance My Darling" and the /s/ sound in "Smile When You Smile." It follows on the success of Linda Stoler's Lullabies for Language and Learning." These are songs are fun, varied, and directly focus a child's attention on the phonemes that are the building blocks of language. 20 tracks

Songs for Words Wiggles and Giggles offers more than simple musical enjoyment by incorporating elements of phonological awareness through hearing specific repetitive sounds of the English language. Babies and toddlers are provided with the opportunity to listen and respond to these recognizable sound patterns. With the use of the liner notes young children are engaged in learning how to interact with their environment. Learning in this way enhances and accelerates early brain development.

Suggested ages: Preverbal-5 Years

Tracks List:
1. Baby Bounce 1:57
2. Peek a boo Patty Cake 2:15
3. Moo Your Mouth 2:32
4. Dance My Darling 2:15
5. Tip Toe Tummy 1:32
6. Nuzzle Nuzzle 2:29
7. Wondrous Waving Wiggle 1:25
8. Hippy Hoppy Hands 1:24
9. Kicking Song 1:30
10. Hear a Giggle Baby Giggle sample
11. Fingers Fingers 1:29
12. Hear a Vroom Vroom sample
13. Hear a Hello and Look sample
16. Hear a Smile When You Smile sample
17. Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours 2:11
18. Shy Bashful Sheep 2:40
19. Chip Chip Chatter Chatter 1:14
20. Thinking of Raspberries 2:32
total running time 37:03

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