Linda Stoler Literacy Rocks

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This collection of original songs was specifically created to help parents, caregivers and educators introduce children to the building blocks of literacy using a range of musical styles to convey basic literacy fundamentals. Itís a truly engaging CD that also happens to have a fabulous purpose. Please note that four of the 34 tracks include songs from Linda Stolers other CDs Lullubies for Language and Learning and Songs for Words, Wiggles and Giggles. These are included by educator request to reinforce key literacy concepts within the home and school environments. MSRP C$18.69

Literacy Rocks offers more than simple musical enjoyment by incorporating elements of phonological awareness through hearing specific repetitive sounds of the English language. Babies and toddlers are provided with the opportunity to listen and respond to these recognizable sound patterns.Suggested ages: 18 Months-5 Year

List of Tracks:
1. Hear a Introduction sample
2. ABCDEFG 2:54
3. Hear a Letter Sound Song sample
4. Circle Song 2:29
5. Hear a Focus Pay Attention sample
6. Brainy Walk 1:26
7. Babbling Song 1:33
8. Hip Hop to the Pizza Shop 2:12
9. Hear a Banana Blueberry Boogie sample
10. Turtles & Dolphins 3:22
11. Cool Song 2:18
12. Hear a Moose & Cow sample
13. Nuzzle Nuzzle 2:29
14. Favorite Flavor 1:13
15. Thank you my Family 1:37
16. Letís Walk in a Circle 2:39
17. Choose to Share 2:08
18. Hear a Hamster Habitat sample
19. Laughing Lizards 1:12
20. Dinosaur Rock 2:11
21. Wheather the Weather :41
22. AEIOU March 2:44
23. Days of the Week Reggae 3:01
24. Family Polka 0:47
25. Hear a Opposite Hop sample
26. Food Song 1:39
27. Location Song 1:57
28. Pirate Questions 1:58
29. An Adjective Describes 2:02
30. Hear a A Noun is the Name sample
31. Beautiful Baby 1:40
32. Let us feel peace 2:31
33. Hear a Promising a Future sample
34. One Family 3:32

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