Early Education Special 2

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Linda Stoler and Sign2Me offer more than simple musical enjoyment by incorporating elements of phonological awareness through hearing specific repetitive sounds of the English language. Babies and toddlers are provided with the opportunity to listen and respond to these recognizable sound patterns. With the use of the liner notes young children are engaged in learning how to interact with their environment. Learning in this way enhances and accelerates early brain development.

Nursery Rhyme Posters - Complete Set These colorful American Sign Language based posters include great traditional nursery rhyme lyrics with matching sign illustrations on the front. The back side of each poster includes the sign descriptions, ASL tips, and a related activity that reinforces the signs learned. The Complete set includes all 8 Nursery Rhyme Posters with a 20% discount over standard individual retail prices. The Pick Me Up! Nursery Rhyme Poster Set Includes: The Alphabet Song, Little Boy Blue, Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Jack & Jill, One-Two Buckle My Shoe, This Little Piggy Hey Diddle Diddle. Size: Laminated 11.5 x 17.5 inches each, Shrink wrapped
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